Join The Video Revolution!

Now you can learn how to produce beautiful videos for your business with a quick turnaround and a tight budget.


This cutting-edge training will teach even the technologically challenged how to shoot and edit videos with your mobile device or computer. This is hands-on, interactive training that is available remotely or at your location.

What will be covered:

  •  Focus and white-balance camera

  • Frame and choose backgrounds

  • Create professional lighting and audio

  • Master interviewing techniques

  • Professional lighting techniques

  • How to get professional audio

  • Present your message like an expert

  • Do advanced editing right on your mobile device

  • How to open and close your script

  • How to use a teleprompter

  • Learn how to upload your video for social media, website or email marketing

You will learn how to create titles, transitions, add music, text, insert photos, and much more with iMovie Advanced Training. 

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