Could your appearance, body language or presentation skills be sabotaging your credibility? Learn how our media training is unique and effective.  Managing the way you are perceived on camera by others is of critical importance in building credibility. Whether you are doing live presentations or appearing on-camera, your image is one of your most valuable assets.  On-camera Media Training is a confidence-building experience that will provide your executives or your team with the essential skills and techniques they need to comfortably and effectively engage with the media, to do live presentations or to participate in video presentations.

Training is one on-one, confidential, and customized to meet the unique challenges and needs

of each individual and includes:


On-camera Presentation Skills

  • Get on-camera practice and feedback

  • Learn the techniques of reading a teleprompter

  • Learn the best way to open and close your video

  • Get input on using voice inflection and pauses

  • Learn techniques to deal with nervousness or fear

  • Practice subtle cues that help you be seen as the expert

  • Avoid body language blunders

  • Get comfortable with lighting and microphones

  • Learn the best techniques for sitting or standing or using your hands

  • Learn where you should be looking

Wardrobe and Makeup consultation

  • Individual advice on hairstyle, grooming and makeup

  • Assessment of current clothing choices

  • Advice on accessories and glasses

  • Suggestions for clothing styles, colors and patterns for on-camera presentations

This media training program will help your team understand how they are visually perceived when presenting during live presentations or on-camera.  If needed, your comprehensive training may include a comprehensive hairstyle, makeup and clothing consultation. By recognizing and understanding the symbols of authority, the language of clothing and the powerful nuances involved in verbal and non-verbal communication, participants will gain enhanced confidence and increase their credibility. Our goal is to help you avoid undermining your credentials and experience.  


Sessions are comprehensive and use video playback. Whether you are preparing as a speaker, television appearance, testifying before congress or campaigning, this session addresses impact, command and credibility by maximizing image, body language and voice inflection, teleprompter techniques, etc.


Two hour training is available for experienced speakers who want to tweak their skills and work on specific aspects of Media training.


President, Michelle Delino Media

As a public relations consultant working with spokespersons and experts, my clients need to be able to present themselves well on-camera and for live presentations. For most people, the camera or a live audience can be very intimidating.  I send all my clients to Kim Foley for comprehensive media training that includes image consulting, Teleprompter training as well as the art of the soundbite.  My clients emerge from her training with the confidence and skills necessary for them to present their message with impact and credibility.

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