Could your appearance, body language or presentation skills be sabotaging your credibility in online meetings? Our online media training is unique and effective.  Managing the way you are perceived on camera by others is of critical importance in building credibility. Whether you are doing live presentations or a pre-recorded video, your image is one of your most valuable assets.


 On-Camera Media Training is a confidence-building experience that will provide your executives or your team with the essential skills and techniques they need to comfortably and effectively engage, inform, and inspire. Training is one-on-one, confidential, and customized to meet the unique challenges and needs of each individual and includes:

  • On-camera practice and feedback

  • Techniques of reading a teleprompter

  • How to open and close your video

  • How to use voice inflection and pauses

  • Techniques to deal with nervousness or fear

  • Mastering the cues that help you be seen as the expert

  • Avoiding body language blunders

This media training program will help your team understand how they are visually perceived when presenting in-person or for online meetings and presentations. Included in this training are comprehensive hairstyle, makeup, and clothing consultations. By recognizing and understanding the symbols of authority, the language of clothing, and the powerful nuances involved in verbal and non-verbal communication, participants will gain enhanced confidence and increase their credibility. Our goal is to help you avoid undermining your credentials and experience.

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