Protocol for Online Meetings

For Administrators: 

  1. Make sure everyone knows about the presentation/meeting well in advance 

  2. Send reminder one day before 

  3. If attending is required, send second reminder just an hour before starting 

  4. If you feel the need, conduct dry run with at least one presenter the day before 

  5. Designate someone ahead of time to take notes and vet questions 

  6. Call in 10-15 minutes early. Welcome participants as they arrive 

  7. Introduce the meeting or presentation 2 minutes after scheduled start. Set the ground rules at this time, including letting others know how questions will be handled ( audio, breaks, comments, questions)

  8. If the conference is in the form of a meeting, make sure any follow-up is clearly assigned to the appropriate participants 

  9. Send out recording, resource materials, etc. within 24 hours 

  10. Jot down lessons learned, and consider hosting a live discussion or informal Q & A for the future


For Speakers/Presenters: 

  1. When writing your presentation keep the audience in mind. Look for opportunities to engage them through questions, illustrations and real-life examples. 

  2. If you’re delivering a webinar, decide in advance whether you want to be visible to the participants. 

  3. Conduct a dry run with your administrator the day before. You don’t have to go through your whole presentation, but get familiar with the software and make sure it’s working properly.

  4. Log or call in at least 10 minutes early. (Before joining, close out any personal applications on your computer.)

  5. Do not use pre-recorded video in online meetings because of internet connection issues, the video may be choppy and will not sync properly. It can be very frustrating for the viewer. If a pre-recorded video is part of your presentation, send the video to participants as a link before or after meeting. 

  6. Do not read your slides: Best practice is big fonts and as few words as possible--it’s up to you to explain, elaborate, and engage. 

  7. Show enthusiasm: Get to know your material well so that you can make it come alive. 

  8. Most people speak too fast when presenting, so slow it down. 

  9. Schedule pauses in your presentation to handle questions. 

  10. Stick to a predetermined time for your core material. (Make sure there is plenty of time scheduled for questions, during and after.) 

  11. Conclude with a sum-up and actionable advice; focus on key takeaways. 

  12. Provide your contact information at conclusion. 

  13. If you do not have an admin for your meeting, and participants have a password, then allow participants to join automatically. 


For Participants/Attendees: 

  1. Make sure you have access to the conferencing software. (May require download.)  

  2. Call in a few minutes early.  

  3. Make sure your phone or device is on “mute” and video is on. 

  4. Don’t interrupt.  

  5. Reach out to the speaker or moderator after the presentation if you’d like more insights.

  6. Do not multitask if your video is on, do not look at phone or email. 

  7. Do not eat or drink during meeting. 

  8. Check your framing and lighting before signing on. 

  9. Keep your self muted unless asked to respond. 

  10. Sit up straight, shoulders above hips. Do not lean back. If the meeting is long, use a pillow behind your back for support. 

  11. Use body language such as smiling, nodding or thumbs up to engage. 

  12. If possible work from a quiet, carpeted room and use an uncluttered, neutral background. Tidy up or move things out of the background if necessary. 

  13. Create good lighting toward your face. No windows behind you unless they have curtains or blinds that close.  

  14. Use laptop, or tablet, not a smartphone for video. If you must use a phone, place on a tripod. 

  15. Raise your webcam to eye-level. No one should see your ceiling.

  16. Use a good microphone or headset. 

  17. If your internet connection is weak, reboot the router and reboot the computer.

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