These two-hour, three-hour, or full-day hands-on sessions for participants will help drive your team to greater success by harnessing the power of video. This workshop may be presented to any size group “demonstration style” or smaller groups with hands-on training.


Learn How To Create Professional Smartphone Video

Now you can learn how to produce beautiful videos for your business with a quick turnaround and a tight budget. In just 3 hours, this cutting-edge training will teach even the technologically challenged how to create professional quality videos with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This is a hand-on, interactive training. If your participants do not have an Apple mobile device we will provide them with one for training.

In this workshop you will learn how to: 

• Plan your video
• Focus and white-balance camera
• Frame and choose backgrounds
• Create professional lighting
• Master interviewing techniques
• Present your message like an expert
• Do advanced editing right on your mobile device

We will teach you how to create titles, transitions, add music, text, insert photos and much more with iMovie Advanced Training.


What You Need to Know About Smartphone Video

As a dynamic speaker, Kim Foley will excite and motivate your audience to step outside their comfort zone and consider the possibilities with mobile video. Kim Foley’s thought-provoking presentation, explores the capabilities of smartphone video technology and shows how today’s companies are using video produced on smartphones in ways they never imagined.

  •  How to create a competitive advantage with mobile video

  • How to create quality video on a small budget

  • How to integrate video into your social media strategy

  • The dos and don’ts of great video

  • Top 7 ways companies are using video

  • 5 ways you can avoid looking like an amateur

  • The Video Marketing Multiplier Effect


Explore How Your Appearance and Body Language Can Either Enhance or Sabotage Your Credibility

This session can be customized for an all male, all female audience or mixed gender.

  •  The unspoken rules of status

  • The symbols of authority

  • 7 faux pas you want to avoid

  • The language of clothing

  • What your accessories say about you

  • The unintended messages of body language


Choosing How The World Views You

This session can be customized for an all male, all female audience or mixed gender.

Your image is one of your most valuable assets. It is determined by the way you present yourself to the world through your appearance (clothing, hairstyle, accessories) and your body language. Learn about the powerful cues you are sending to the world about your age, health, level of education, social and financial status, as well as your professional capabilities.

This session includes:

  • How the brain is hardwired and how that affects assumptions

  • How cultural norms and conditioning affect your choices

  • 5 ways you can enhance your credibility

  • How body language and verbal skills and image merge to create a story about you


Now What?

  • Learn what to expect in the studio, so there are no surprises

  • The unwritten rules of TV guest protocol

  • What to wear (and what to avoid wearing) to look your best on camera

  • How to sit, stand, and what to do with your hands

  • 5 tips for presenting yourself with maximum credibility


Conference Co-Chair, The Power Conference

“Kim Foley has been wowing audience with her dynamic presentations at the Power Conference.  She delivers highly practical, useful content, on a variety of topics, with an engaging style.  Every year her session is the not to be missed presentation with the highest ratings of the day.“


Director of Community Development, YMCA of Metropolitan Washington

“Kim Foley recently wowed our managers and executives at our Leadership Conference. Her informative, entertaining and interactive presentation captured out teams attention. I highly recommend Kim Foley as a presenter for any organization.“

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