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How you are perceived in online meetings

is critical for your credibility!

Virtual Meetings With Power and Presence uncovers the pitfalls that are not present during in-person interactions, and addresses how you can look your best and create interactions that don’t undermine your best intentions.

Learn How To:

  • Troubleshoot technical challenges

  • Get the best sound

  • Frame and light yourself in locations that may not be ideal 

  • Put forth your personal best visually, verbally, and nonverbally

  • Time management for working remotely

“Virtual Meetings with Power and Presence does more than provide guidance on the technical setup for the best experience for your audience. More importantly, Kim includes tips on dynamic body language, expressing an “engaged presence”, and yes...even appearance!


These tips are all differentiators as we move past “good enough” to being seen, once again, as a leader in our field.”


Brian Roberts
Executive Coach and Peer Group Facilitator Vistage Worldwide

“This book is a one-stop solution for anyone looking to improve their online image, overcome challenges, and deliver the best results possible. Complete with strategies for effective time management, leadership, communication skills, body language, and navigating technology.


I have been reaping the benefits of Kim Foley's training and tips for years now, and know personally that her techniques are a valuable resource.”


Amy Riolo
Award-Winning, Best-Selling Author, Chef, Food Historian and Television Personality

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