One-On-One Coaching and Group Webinars

One-Hour Training for Individuals 

Whether you need to fine-tune your virtual meetings, prepare for a video presentation or television appearance, this session will ensure that you are at your personal best. 


This session includes:

  • Lighting

  • Background

  • Angles

  • Framing

  • Body Language

  • Sitting or Standing

  • Online Etiquette

  • Delivery of Content

  • Clothing Options

  • How to Avoid Technical Issues

All sessions are confidential and include valuable digital resources

Want a Webinar for Your Team

Or a Breakout Session for Your Event?

Adapting to an online platform can be intimidating, and technically challenging. Give your team the tools to avoid the most common mistakes that distract viewers from receiving their message. 


This dynamic presentation is fun and informational with actionable advice, great visuals, tips and techniques.


This live program also includes a question and answer session.

  • Creating optimal lighting maximize internet connection

  • Camera angles and framing

  • Creating strong sound quality

  • Insider tips for grooming, clothing, makeup, and accessories 

  • Strengthening body language cues

  • Equipment recommendations

  • Virtual Meeting Etiquette


  •  Digital Meeting Checklist 

•  Etiquette Guidelines for Virtual Meetings eBook: Virtual meetings with Power and Presence


Media Training for On-Camera Appearances

One-Hour Live Virtual Training Session 

  • On-camera practice and feedback

  • Techniques of reading a teleprompter

  • How to open and close your video

  • How to use voice inflection and pauses

  • Mastering the cues that help you be seen as the expert

  • Techniques to deal with nervousness or fear

  • Avoiding body language blunders

  • Wardrobe dos and don’ts for on-screen appearances

  • Makeup and grooming tips

Personalized Image Consulting  

As a Television Stylist for more than 25 years Kim Foley will address  your specific concerns about your appearance and will help you create a professional and credible on-camera image.

Included in this training are comprehensive hairstyle, makeup, and clothing consultations. By recognizing and understanding the symbols of authority, the language of clothing, and the powerful nuances involved in verbal and non-verbal communication, participants will gain enhanced confidence and increase their credibility.


My goal is to help you avoid undermining your credentials and experience.

This consultation is for both men and women.

  • Wardrobe: choosing the best  style and colors for onscreen presentations

  • Makeup: make-up techniques for onscreen appearances

  • Hairstyle and hair color tips

  • Personalized grooming tips

  • Choosing accessories and glasses for the best on-camera results

Technology Consultation

Avoid technology snafus that can distract viewers from your expertise, and undermine your presentation.

  • Adjust your device for optimal speed and connectivity

  • Get optimal framing and camera angles 

  • Explore audio options and settings

  • Prepare your computer, smartphone, or tablet for video presentations or conferencing 

  • Choose the background, whether virtual or physical

  • Create the best possible lighting