"This is simply the best  smartphone video training in the country."
Super Bowl Champion Rick "Doc" Walker

How To Create Professional-Quality iPhone Video

 Excellent for  one-on-one, groups,  or online conference break-out sessions. 

Join The Video Revolution!

Now you can learn online how to produce beautiful videos for your business with a quick turnaround and a tight budget.

This cutting-edge training will teach even the technologically challenged how to shoot and edit videos with your mobile device or computer. This is hands-on, interactive training that is available remotely.

Why Kelly Leonard likes Kim Foley’s Smartphone Video Training

Kelly Leonard is the CEO of Taylor-Leonard corporation. Since her training with Smartphone Video Production Academy she has been utilizing videos for marketing her business with great results.

Dmitri Adler
Co- Founder of Data Society

Dmitri Adler of Data Society learned how to produce professional quality video from Kim Foley-Smartphone Video Production


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