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"This is simply the best  smartphone video training in the country."
Super Bowl Champion Rick "Doc" Walker

Join The Video Revolution!

Now you can learn online how to produce beautiful videos for your business with a quick turnaround and a tight budget. This cutting-edge training will teach even the technologically challenged how to shoot and edit videos with your mobile device or computer.

This is hands-on, interactive training that is available remotely.


Kim Foley's Smartphone Video Training is an incredible tool for any organization that wants to get its message out fast without compromising quality. As a television sports analyst for many years, I know that good quality video has the ability to greatly enhance your credibility. I have worked with Kim for several years and know first-hand, her passion for excellence. Kim Foley shows you, step-by-step, how to produce top-notch video with your iPhone, how to edit right on your phone and gives you a crash course on media training. It's a winner! 


Rick "Doc" Walker
Superbowl Champion
Walker Corporate Consulting, LLC

 Kelly Leonard 

CEO Taylor-Leonard Corporation

Dmitri Adler
Co- Founder of Data Society

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